What’s Your Scent Story?

Through the powerful combination of Aromatherapy, Yoga, and Meditation you’ll uncover the vibrancy within you, from the inside out. We’re your wellness hub, guiding you towards embodying the truest expression of yourself.



We are a specialized boutique studio where scent infused styles of Yoga are introduced to your new movement experience.

Yoga now becomes personalized, affordable and experiential and available to everyone at all levels.

Each class is infused with blends of Essential Oils to enhance each Yogic discipline. 


Rosemarie Williams, Founder

We are a boutique studio where Scent Therapy is at the heart of all we create.

Our wildcrafted organic oils are hand blended to create custom scent synergies in each Yoga/Movement Class, Personal Aromatherapy Consult, blissful Meditations and or group Workshops.

Experience your personally guided morning Yoga class by applying a grounding essential oil blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Bergamot to your soles and allow the movement experience to deepen and nourish your practice

Sleep eludes you and together we share, blend, and create the perfect atmosphere for your deep sleep journey.

Your evening begins with a rich sensual blend of English Lavender, Persian Rose with Geranium bath infusion, or sleep induced bedroom spray or finally an oil infused blend that you softly add to your pillow and temples to further deepen your personal evening experience into sleep.

What Everyone is Saying

“Rose is a beautiful yoga teacher with a warm, loving presence that makes everyone feel welcome.  She works hard to personalize each one of her classes so that everyone’s needs are met. She provides an eclectic assortment of yoga styles to meet both the needs of your body and your soul.  She can pick things up with an energetic Hatha class or slow things down with a restorative class.  Depending on the class, you will either walk out energized and ready for the world or relaxed and rejuvenated.  Either way though, Rose willingly shares her heart with her class, making it a really special place to be.” ~ Jennifer Poirier, Yoga Teacher (Beamsville, ON)

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